Prevent issues by looking at the “big picture”

Our plumbing engineers design systems with your “whole building” in mind to help you avoid surprises. From determining tap size, to coordinating with civil engineers, to deciding the location of incoming utilities, we carefully orchestrate your plumbing solutions to integrate with your overall plan. We look at project objectives, materials and designs from many different angles to get it right. Our engineers ensure that water and energy are used efficiently, that thorough fire protection and broad pollution systems are established and that your overall site is sustainable. We provide high-functioning systems to meet your specific needs as well as assist you in conserving natural resources.

Enjoy the services of a holistic team

Accomplishing great plumbing design means assembling a team that works on various aspects of your project while keeping multiple objectives in mind. Our engineering team members are highly-experienced and certified. They stay informed and on top of the latest developments in the field through active participation in a variety of organizations.

Utility and water systems

  • Commercial domestic water and hot water systems
  • Central domestic water heating plant design
  • High purity gas systems

Piping, plumbing and vacuum systems

  • Commercial plumbing systems design
  • Compressed air equipment and piping design
  • Natural gas piping systems
  • Propane gas piping
  • High Pressure process piping systems
  • Vacuum systems

Medical and healthcare facility solutions

  • Medical gas systems for hospitals and clinics
  • Veterinarian clinic plumbing and medical gas systems
  • Correctional facilities plumbing design

Sewage and waste disposal systems

  • Commercial waste and vent systems
  • Acid neutralizing pre-treatment systems
  • Sump pump/sewage ejector/lift station design
  • Grease waste systems